Pioneer Girl: Laura’s Unpublished Memoirs

Update 8-19-2011: It appears the text of “Pioneer Girl” has been removed from the paper mentioned below.

A reader here (thank you, Angela!) pointed out to me an online source now available for reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s unpublished memoirs, “Pioneer Girl”. I have often quoted from this memoir on this site, and have also had many queries as to where and how to get a copy. There are two archives in Missouri which have the manuscript but, as I understand it, are unable to publish it due to copyright ownership disputes. My copy came by way of one of these archives.

The online source you may all access and read is part of a Ph.D. thesis titled, Woman Writes Herself: Exploring Identity Construction in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Pioneer Girl,” by Nichole Mancino. Laura’s manuscript is included starting on page 215 in Appendix A. Ms. Mancino reproduces the manuscript in her thesis with permission and I ask all of you to respect the copyright: Read and enjoy but do not reproduce it either on the web or in other forms without permission.

The paper can be found at: OhioLINK ETD Center

2 thoughts on “Pioneer Girl: Laura’s Unpublished Memoirs”

  1. Hi,

    When I download Ms. Mancino’s dissertation, I only get 215 pages and Laura’s manuscript isn’t included. Can you tell me how to pull up Appendix A (the transcribed “Pioneer Girl” manuscript)? Thank you VERY much!!!!! Susan

    1. Yes… it looks like the Appendix with the full text of Laura’s memoirs has been removed from that site and paper. Ah, well…

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